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Capturing Faith and Journey: Announcing the Winners of Our 2023 Pilgrimage Video Contest

In a vibrant showcase of faith, fellowship, and unforgettable moments, Glimmer Tours is proud to announce the winners of the 2023 Pilgrimage Video Contest. This year, we invited our travelers to share their pilgrimage experiences through the lens of their cameras, capturing the essence of their journeys in video form. The submissions were inspiring, touching, and truly captured the spirit of pilgrimage.

Our winners were chosen based on their ability to tell a story, visual and emotional impact, and relevance to the pilgrimage theme. Each video brings a unique perspective on the pilgrimage experience, from heartfelt ceremonies to joyful communal moments.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Pilgrimage Video Contest:

Winner: Lorenza G. - Honeymoon Compilation on our Italy Pilgrimage

Lorenza G. takes us on a heartwarming journey through Italy, blending the joy of a honeymoon with the spiritual depth of pilgrimage. This compilation beautifully captures the couple's experiences, from serene moments in sacred sites to the breathtaking landscapes of Italy. It's a touching portrayal of love and faith intertwined, marking the start of their marital journey with the blessings of their faith.

Click here to view video.

Runner-Up: Maximo B. - Leading a Prayer in the Holy Land

Maximo B. offers a powerful moment of prayer outside in the Old City, on the Via Dolorosa, discussing Jesus' third fall. With our tour guide Nadi holding a microphone for him, this poignant video captures a deep spiritual reflection in the very footsteps of Jesus, creating a profound connection to the sacred history of the place.

Click here to view video.

Runner-Up: Paula B - Encounter with Pope Francis

Paula B's video captures a once-in-a-lifetime moment outside in the Vatican as Pope Francis, in his wheelchair, engages with the faithful. The footage of Pope Francis talking, shaking hands, and the personal moment of a pilgrim kissing his hand, encapsulates the close connection between the pontiff and the people. This touching video highlights the deep reverence and affection for Pope Francis.

Click here to view video.

Runner-Up: Kathy C. - Enjoying Italian Cuisine

Kathy C. brings a lighter, yet equally important aspect of pilgrimage to life with her video at an Italian restaurant. The joy of pilgrimage is not just in the sites and prayers but also in the communal experiences. Two musicians with a guitar and an accordion set the scene, enhancing the ambiance of fellowship and cultural immersion.

Click here to view video.

Runner-Up: Edna C. - Renewing Wedding Vows in Cana

Edna C.'s video is a heartfelt closeup of her and her husband renewing their wedding vows at the Cana church in the Holy Land. Wearing white and surrounded by the significance of Cana's biblical story, this video captures a deeply personal and spiritual milestone, celebrating love and faith.

Click here to view video.

Congratulations to Our Winners!

We are profoundly grateful to all participants for sharing their pilgrimage experiences. These videos are a testament to the diverse ways in which faith, culture, and personal journeys intersect during a pilgrimage.

To our winners, thank you for allowing us to share your incredible moments with the Glimmer Tours community. Your stories inspire us and remind us of the beauty and depth that pilgrimage offers.

We hope these videos encourage others to embark on their own pilgrimage, capturing and sharing their unique experiences. Here's to more shared journeys and the continued celebration of faith and community. Stay tuned for future contests and opportunities to share your story with Glimmer Tours!