The Glimmer Tours Story

Traveling with like-minded faithfuls is one of life’s great opportunities to connect with God and participate fully in an experience that has changed countless lives.

Catholic tour companies around the world aim to achieve this level of immersive travel, but with large groups and hasty tours, the authenticity of the moment often falls short.

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At Glimmer Tours, we’ve utilized a long family history in Bethlehem and a genuine understanding of the significance of a holy pilgrimage to build unique, one-of-a-kind travel experiences. We know our guests travel with us for a host of different reasons. Some are pursuing an educational experience, some are seeking opportunities for self-reflection and prayer, and many of our guests are traveling for leisure and new friendships.

With an understanding of the diverse interests of our travelers, we established Glimmer Tours, an all-inclusive Catholic pilgrimage provider specializing in carefully planned and organized tour experiences.

With a professional team behind every itinerary, Glimmer Tours is proud to offer our guests:

  • A comprehensive travel package that includes all transportation, admission fees, meals and tips to your guide and driver

  • Highly experienced tour leaders who love what they do and are ready to give you a friendly and fun experience

  • Opportunities to celebrate Mass in beautiful and historic churches

  • Reliable, well-vetted vendors, hotels, and tour routes

  • High quality, tried-and-true pilgrimages you can count-on

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We highly recommend Glimmer Tours

Their excellent service, well-organized small group tours, affordable rates, friendly staff, and commendable/reliable tour guide and bus driver made our trip a very pleasant and enjoyable experience...

– Emma Giron

Our Mission

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Our goal is to make travel options simple so you can settle into the rhythm of your destination. Bask in the moment as you walk through centuries-old sites and take in the natural and man-made wonders. Breathe in the healing aromas of incense and light a candle for your intentions with a clear mind. Enjoy enriching, life-changing experiences — without itinerary planning and logistics running through your mind.

The hotel and its food were beyond my expectations. Our tour guide was top notch. Very personal, helpful, accommodating. So many historic sights..walking with Jesus. Glimmer Tours did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them. Thank you for changing my life. I shall be forever grateful. And one more thing..the cost of the trip was unbelievable. Don’t know how they did it. Thank you.

– Kathy Rubiboux

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Our Three

  • Quality

    We only choose 4-star hotel accommodations and provide experienced, English-speaking tour leaders who are both knowledgeable and friendly. Attention to such details is what enhances the overall quality of every Glimmer Tours experience.

  • Transparency

    All expenses and trip details are presented to you in advance so you’ll always know what to expect. When you join a Glimmer Tours pilgrimage, you can truly enjoy the full experience. There will be no hidden expenses or upsells while you are on your trip!

  • Service

    We cover the details of registration, flights, hotels, meals, and more so you can let go of the stress of travel planning. Your focus should be sampling the local foods, visiting the shops, prayer and reflection, and essentially everything but the planning. Leave that to us!

We hope to see you on our next trip and look forward to serving you, your family and your friends for years to come!